Terms and conditions

The Shop

- How many pieces are there per size?

- There are only 2 pieces per size per S,M and L

- How do I make my payment?

  Cash on delivery


- Is it free delivery?

  Yes, free delivery within Abu Dhabi

- Sri Lanka - within Colombo delivery only. Chargers vary from 250-300Lkr

- When will I receive my package?

  Delivery will take place on three Thursdays every month.

Return Policy

- Can I exchange or get a refund if the garment does not fit me?

  No exchange policy is available at the moment as per the limited number of garments produced per design. Please check the size chart carefully before a purchase as each garment stitched is true to size. We do not have a refund policy as once an order is made 10% of the price is donated to the cancer patients. Read more HERE 

- If the garment is damaged can I get a refund?

  Each garment is carefully inspected before being sent out and a photographic record of each garment is made prior to delivery.